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Principal Teaching Fellow in e-Learning
University of Southampton

I work in Modern Languages and lead eLanguages, a small research and development group in eLearning. I design online courses, online study skills toolkits and explore the educational potential of new technologies.I led the development of Prepare for Success - a free web learning tool for international students coming to study in the UK and receiving UK institutions. Check out the website at

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  1. Comprendre ce qu’est un cahier des charges et comment on l’écrit
  2. Uvod v pomen pojma občutljivosti v arhitekturnem in oblikovalskem kontekstu
  3. Spoznavanje razsežnosti pojma občutljivosti v urbanem oblikovanju in arhitekturi
  4. Introduction to the notion of fragility in architecture and design
  5. Exploring dimensions of fragility in urban design and architecture
  6. Architecture and fragile ambients
  7. Understanding the content and language of design briefs
  8. Analysing a design critique
  9. Listening to a presentation and part of a critique in architectural design
  10. Ecouter la presentation et un extrait de la critique d'un projet architectural

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