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3 March 2009
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El Mensual/Language Focus

Language Focus

These materials are devoted to the development of your Spanish vocabulary. Each story contains a list of words, related to a particular theme, such as food, dance, relationships, etc.

First, go through the list and try to recall, or guess, the meaning of the words. Use a dictionary or the Academia Española's website to look up the words you can't recognise. Next, read the story filling in the blanks with one of the words in the list. Finally, listen to the audio or go to next page to check your answers.

Practise with a story from below

Food vocabulary
La pelea por el dulce
Argentina and Uruguay fight for the toffee

With quiz
Relationships vocabulary
¡Jefe, me va a matar!
Unfair bosses raise blood pressure

With quiz
Día D: "Vi a muchos de mis compañeros morir..."
Mexican American veteran remembers D-Day

With quiz and matching audio
Spanish expressions
Argentina: refugiarse en los libros
Congress library is safe haven for homeless

With quiz
Time vocabulary
Cuéntenos sus historias impuntuales
Punctuality campaign launches in Ecuador

With quiz
Marriage vocabulary
Derechos gay en Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires legalises gay marriages

With quiz
Love vocabulary
Los versos más populares
The most popular verses by Neruda

With quiz and related audio
Murió Compay Segundo
Buena Vista maestro Compay Segundo

With quiz and related audio
Dance vocabulary
Bailar sobre ruedas
Dancing in wheelchairs

With quiz
Spanish expressions
350.000 años de creatividad
Scientists found 350,000-year-old pink stone axe

With quiz
Smoking vocabulary
Prohibido fumar en el Congreso español
Spanish Parliament bans smoking in its corridors

With quiz and matching audio
Spanish expressions
El príncipe Felipe anuncia su boda
Spanish prince announces his wedding to a journalist

With quiz and matching audio
Life story
Perfil de una princesa plebeya
A humble commoner is the new Spanish princess

With quiz
Spanish expressions
Europa: ¿se olvidó de Latinoamérica?
As EU expands, is Latin America been overlooked?

With quiz
Religious vocabulary
Juan Pablo II: 31 horas en España
The Pope was in Spain

With quiz
Sea and sailing vocabulary
España: la amenaza negra continúa
The Prestige oil disaster

With quiz
Vocabulary of emotions
El recuerdo de Isabel Allende
President Allende's daughter remembers her father's last hours

With quiz
Books and literature
Don Quijote cumple 400 años
400th anniversary of one of the world's most acclaimed literary works

With quiz and matching audio
Trends vocabulary
Precio del crudo: nuevo récord
Oil prices hit a record level. Why are oil prices so high?

With quiz and matching audio
Legal vocabulary
España: menos violencia doméstica
Spain passes new gender law to curb domestic violence

With quiz and matching audio
Football vocabulary
Las dos caras de una final
Barcelona triumph over Arsenal in the European Champions' League

With quiz and matching audio

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