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3 March 2009
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El Mensual/Language Focus

Language Focus


Pronouns are words that stand in for a noun. They come in place of something that has been talked about already or whose meaning is obvious, and are used to make your speech more cohesive and articulate.

  • No encuentro el libro. Lo he buscado por todos lados. / (I) can't find the book. (I)'ve looked for it everywhere.
  • ¿El libro que te presté?
  • The book that (I) gave you?

    In Spanish, you only use subject pronouns for emphasis:

  • Quieres un café? Yo invito. Fancy a coffee? I invite.

    Other types of pronouns include object pronouns, indirect object pronouns, reflexive, relative, demonstrative, possessive and interrogative.

  • Practise with a story from below

    Relative que
    La caridad empieza por casa
    Immigrants send money back home

    With vocabulary
    TV argentina o agencia de empleos
    Argentinean TV or employment agency?

    With quiz
    México: El TLCAN, ¿trae soluciones?
    Small farmers try to make a living

    With quiz
    Personal lo and la
    Argentina: La "Guerra Sucia"
    Elsa finds granddaughter years after her kidnapping

    With vocabulary and related audio
    Bolivia: La ruta del Che
    Che Guevara Trail opens where the icon was executed

    With quiz and matching audio
    Le dolió, le molesta
    Salsa en Londres
    Salsa in London

    With vocabulary
    Select the pronoun
    Victoria sorpresa de los socialistas
    Socialists unexpected victory after Madrid bombings

    With quiz and matching audio
    Mundial contra Babel
    Language translation services in Korea

    With vocabulary
    Select the pronoun
    Razones para correr
    Journalist runs London marathon for Argentinean children

    With quiz
    Se - reciprocal
    Blair y De la Rúa hacen historia
    Blair paid historic visit to Argentina

    With vocabulary
    Sofía, ex empleada doméstica
    Sofía, the tale of a child-maid

    With vocabulary and related audio
    La mejor canción
    Oscar for Best Song goes to a song in Spanish

    With quiz and matching audio
    Nace heredera al trono español
    Spanish princess gives birth to a baby girl

    With quiz and matching audio

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