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3 March 2009
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El Mensual/Language Focus

Language Focus

Prepositions are words that go before a noun or pronoun and are used to indicate position, direction, time, or some other relations. Here are some common Spanish prepositions with their most frequent translations:

  • desde from, a to, hacia towards, hasta to
  • en in, entre between, sobre on, tras after
  • con with, sin without, contra against
  • de of, para for, por by, según according to

  • These translations, however, won't work in all cases. Por and para, for example, can both be translated as for in some contexts. Verbs in Spanish don't always take the same prepositions as the English equivalents, like pensar en to think of, or llenar de to fill with.

    Practise with a story from below

    Por, para or a?
    Desplome del café genera pobreza
    Plummeting coffee prices generates poverty

    With quiz
    Prepositions that go with verbs, nouns or adverbs
    De cocaleros a guardabosques
    Coca-growers retrained as park-keepers

    With quiz
    Por or para?
    El clima amenaza a las especies
    Climate change threatens species

    With quiz
    Select the preposition
    Sida: La vida continúa
    Life goes on for HIV-positive Javier

    With quiz
    Pornografía contra el SIDA
    Brazil uses porn to fight Aids

    With vocabulary and related audio
    Select the preposition
    ¿Ingleses y salseros?
    English people and salsa dancers

    With quiz and matching audio
    Select the preposition
    Mafalda son diez años nada más
    Argentinian artist Joaquín Salvador Lavado (Quino) on art, censorship and his career as a comic artist.

    With quiz and matching audio

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