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3 March 2009
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El Mensual/Language Focus

Language Focus

Conjunctions are words that link other words, clauses or sentences. Depending on the conjunction, they simply join, provide two alternatives or show a contrast.

  • Salió y tomó un taxi. (He) went out and took a taxi.
  • ¿Sales o te quedas? Are you staying or leaving?
  • Estudié poco pero no me acuerdo nada. I haven't studied a lot, but I can't remember anything.

  • Other conjunctions begin clauses that depend on the main sentence to make complete sense. A clause introduced by si if, for example, shows a condition for something to happen and one introduced by pese despite, shows a difficulty.

  • Si la llamas, ella vendrá. If you call her, she'll come.
  • Pese a no haber estudiado, Esther aprobó el examen. Despite not having revised, Esther passed the exam.

  • Practise with a story from below

    Y, o, pero, porque, entonces, mientras
    ¿Hay que eliminar el trabajo infantil?
    Save the Children follows the lives of 2000 Peruvian children

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    A pesar de, si bien, pese
    Millones de niños en la ignorancia
    Latin American children without access to education

    With vocabulary

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