Architecture and fragile ambients

A spider's web representing a fragile ambient

Fragile ambient?

Architecture can create fragile ambients that may possess one or more layers of fragility. We perceive and respond to architecture through such ambients.

In these activities you will review the elements used when referring to fragile ambients, learning to recognise where key words in English and Slovene might correspond. You will also explore relationships between urban images and the layers of fragile ambient they might reflect.

Activity 1: Exploring concept words needed to talk about fragility

In this activity you are going to consolidate your knowledge of some key concept words in Slovene needed for referring to architecture in relation to the theme of fragility.



Read these English concept words and explanations relating to key elements involved in fragility in architecture. Select the corresponding term in Slovene for each from the dropdown list. Then read the feedback and listen to the recording to remind yourself of their pronunciation.

A fragile and delicate ambient is produced by the lighting and lighting conditions, and by the interplay of light and shadows.

The fragility of an ambient can be expressed through changing sound, evocative sounds, artificial or natural sound effects, for example, of water, of the breeze, etc.

Some ambients evoke special feelings that we perceive when walking through a building, using or being immersed in it - such feelings are usually suggestive of fragility because they are momentary, unusual, different, or rarely felt.

The form or structure of a building can seem delicate and appear as if it will fail at any moment. This may be true or misleading: the building looks fragile and gives an impression that it can be easily broken or destroyed.

The material that an object, building or structure is made of can express fragility.

The moment in which a building or ambient is 'living through' cannot be repeated and it is, thus, unique and fragile.

Each building or element is part of an entirety that seems extraordinary, unusual, juxtaposed, etc but somehow seems right and fragile at the same time because of its delicate composition.

Activity 2: Perceiving fragility of ambient

In this activity you are going to practise matching images with the layer of fragile ambient they express from your own perpective.



Examine these images and decide which layer of fragile ambient each could express. Select the appropriate layer you think it represents from the options listed and then read the feedback.

Ambient Image 2

Ambient Image 3

Ambient Image 4

Ambient Image 5

Ambient Image 6

Ambient Image 7

Ambient Image 1

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